a miracle

Today I am sad. I had hoped a change would come faster than it does. It always takes more time and hoping for a change alone, it’s not enough. What is the next step if the world is filled with burning sites? 

Are we all monsters, responsible for creating our own infernos? I do not feel like one of those bad guys. What are we waiting for? Probably a miracle?

Interacción de ideas y fantasías/ Interaction of ideas and fantasy.

Los artistas debemos crear una red de confianza para nuestros intereses comunes. En la unión esta la fuerza y en nuestro caso, la red de conocimientos nos ayudaría a crear “algo imaginado” para luego convertirlo en realidad. Cuando comenzamos?/We artists should create a network of confidence for our common interests. Togetherness brings the strength and knowledge to imagine “things”, that can be turned into reality. When do we start?

searching paradise

it is difficult nowadays to find “real things” and with real I mean honest…most people just vegetate while others seem to fly so high…there are at the top of the world or maybe they just say they are … it is up to us to believe .  Life is a fiction and we all contribute to create the amazing bubble.